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The Brighton & Hove Planning Agents’ Forum (PAF) comprises those agents who regularly submit planning applications to the City Council.

Following the recommendations of the Planning Peer Challenge on Brighton and Hove City Council carried out on 22-24 March 2016 and organised by the Local Government Association (LGA) with the Planning Advisory Service (PAS), PAF is recognised by the Local Planning Authority as a key component in engaging with local planning agents.

Key recommendations/observations from the Planning Peer Challenge:

  • Brighton and Hove needs to establish a more positive relationship with local agents and developers”
  • “take time to understand the customer journey and take action to ensure a common (good) experience and consistency of service”
  • Support the continuation of the shift of service, from a regulatory outlook, to one with a proactive, positive development management philosophy, where the approach is more enabling to operate within a new streamlined policy framework.”
  • “The peer team through its discussions and interviews noted a “can’t do” and defensive culture, if not addressed, possess a significant risk to the implementation of the modernisation programme and turnaround in performance”
  • “There is currently little feedback sought from customers, developers and potential investors, about their experience of the service and their suggestions for improvement don’t appear to be given proper consideration”
  • “the relationship with local agents requires complete re-building given their serious concerns about how the department currently operates”
  • “there are simply far too many policy documents”


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The Forum acts as an important facilitator between planning agents and the Local Planning Authority (LPA).

As a member, you can benefit from the collective experience and interests of our member community, to create a membership of like-minded individuals and companies determined to work to improve the service provided by Brighton and Hove City’s Planning Department (LPA) and to shape the next generation of planning in the City. We seek nothing less than a step change in the quality of the service provided by the LPA. Speak as a single voice to Local Government.

We do this in three main ways:

Interact: we meet regularly with a Working Group from the Planning Authority headed by the Chief Planner, Liz Hobden, and attended by other senior managers. These meetings are chaired by PAF. We also organise workshops with the LPA for the benefit of members. We also interact with our members by way of meetings/events.

Influence: through these meetings and workshops we seek to influence policy and practice in the way that planning services are delivered by the LPA and the statutory consultees. We also make representations on all draft policy documents.

We can and will raise issues as requested by members.

Inform: Through our quarterly meetings we are able to inform the LPA as a collective of the key issues and perspectives from the Agents standpoint.

We inform the membership of these meetings/ workshops representation etc by way of a member’s area on the web sites as well as receiving feed-back at our AGM and other meetings.

Join now

Whether you are active in our committees and working groups, attend key events or simply make use of the documents and reports we create, there is something to be gained from becoming a member.

Membership Subscriptions:

-Individual/sole practitioner:    £25 per annum

-Company:                                £75 per annum

The subscription runs for a year from whenever you join.

Membership subscriptions help to support the work of the Forum.  Subscriptions pay for the website, its on-going maintenance, the up-dating of the members-only section of the website and meetings, and therefore provide support for a rigorous campaign of holding the LPA to account and ensure good communication for the dissemination of information and to increase the understanding of issues on and around planning in the City.

Membership gives you access to the Members-Only content where you can see notes of all the meetings with the LPA, representations on draft policies, details of workshops etc. with an opportunity to comment either on the web site or through meetings.